Band biogs

Jim (accordion)

Jim once lived on a boat, and survived by catching items that floated past in the river. Having been raised by a family of otters, this quasi-aquatic existence suited Jim well. Jim sometimes plays accordion with finesse and vigour.

Jenny (fiddle)

Expert fiddler Jenny trained in the Irish style, but is slowly getting over it. Rarely out of tune, she plays lyrical top-lines and lush harmonic accompaniments.

Dave (rhythm guitar)

Dave is no stranger to the rock’n’roll lifestyle. Not only Molecatchers rhythm-man, he was also once bassist for Bristol Indie-Pop combo The Hi-Life Companion. Dave is tall and stands out in a crowd. This can be a disadvantage, since Dave is wanted by the Folk Police for crimes against traditional music.

Richard (mandolin, guitar)

Richard plays the mandolin because it’s easier to carry around than a guitar. His mandolin adds a pointless plink-plink sound to the band’s sonic soundscape. Sometimes he plays notes so high in pitch that only dogs and bats can hear them.