Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a barn to have a barn dance?

No. You need a room large enough for the band, caller and dancers. A village hall, community centre, the back room of a pub or the O2 Arena would all be suitable venues.

Do I need to be able to dance to enjoy a barn dance?

No, the caller will guide everyone through the dances. If you can count and walk you can do a barn dance. Knowing left from right is an advantage, but not essential.

Do I need to provide a PA and caller?

No, we will bring a caller and a PA system. If you do wish to provide a PA and sound engineer, our PA spec is here: spec.

So you’re saying that you, the band, will provide the caller and PA system?


What about insurance?

The Molecatchers have full public liability insurance.

Do I need haybales and lumberjack shirts and all that stuff?

No. Don’t be silly.

What’s the difference between a barn dance and a ceilidh?

Nobody knows.

How do you spell ceilidh?

Nobody knows.

What kind of music do The Molecatchers play?

We play mainly traditional dance music from the British Isles, mainland Europe and the USA. Have a look at our media page for some examples.

How much fun is a Molecatchers barn dance/ceilidh/knees-up?

It’s a lot of fun.

Is it very expensive to book The Molecatchers, a caller and PA, to provide a great night’s entertainment for all ages and abilities?

No, not at all. For rates and bookings use the ‘contact’ link above.